May 8, 2008

Top 5 High scores of BRC in the IPLT20

Bangalore Royal Challengers in expensive teams among the Indian Premier League (IPLT20). But according to the Score Table sequence it is the lowest team still now. The team has managed just two wins form 7 matches. So, it’s not honorable for the team. The team is going to meet second time with Kolkata Knight Riders. In the first match it has been beat a long distant of 140 runs. Although that was an honorable victory in the Indian Premier League (IPLT20) for Kolkata Knight Riders but mostly discredit for Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Here I am giving a list of highest score holders in the IPLT20 of Bangalore Royal Challengers after seven matches. BRC’s Captain Rahul Dravid is the highest score holders among the team members.

Rahul Dravid 164: Rahul Dravid is well known as a cool man in the team. He is also a reliable batsman in the Test Cricket. Before the IPLT20 (Indian Premier League), he had no contact with the Twenty20 (T20) formatted match. Although he was the captain of Indian team during the England tour before Twenty20 Championship Tournament in South Africa but he had been dropped before joining the team in the Twenty20 Championship Tournament when MS Dhoni was leaded the Indian Twenty20 team. In the IPLT20 series, he has proved again that form the team he is very crucial batsman during the rainy day of the team. In the seven matches statistics he scored the highest total among the batsmen in the team. To acquire this runs he drive away 18 fours (boundaries) and 4 sixes. So he is the highest four hitters in the team. His average score is 23.42 and the strike rate is 118.84.

LRPL Taylor 149: LRPL Taylor is from New Zealand. He is Right Handed batsman and Off-break bowlers. He is playing IPLT20 a side of Bangalore Royal Challengers. He is the second highest total runs holder in the team. To obtain those runs he chased away 13 fours and 10 sixes. He is the highest sixes hitter and second highest four hitter in the teams. The average batting score of LRPL Taylor is 37.25 and the strike rate is 183.95. This is the top strike rate and average in the team Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Virat Kohli 122: Virat Kohli who is playing a side of Bangalore Royal Challengers, is a young man of 19 years old. He has achieved the third position by acquiring 122 runs from the 7 matches of Indian Premier League (IPLT20) tournament. He has a very good record in the first class cricket and also T20 matches in the home series. He is not a regular member in the national team.

JH Kallis 118: JH Kallis is the most favorite players in the world (me). His batting and bowling style really impressed me most. The South African is playing a side of Bangalore Royal Challengers. In the seven matches he acquired 118 runs only from 54 balls with 11 fours and 3 sixes. He is the fourth highest record holders in the team.

W Jaffer 110: W Jaffer is also a very strong middle order batsman in the Bangalore Royal Challenges. Although the team has been played seven matches in the IPLT20 tournament but W jaffer was not included two matches. From the five matches he acquired 110 runs from 50 balls by hitting 11 fours and 3 sixes.

MV Boucher 101: MV Boucher is the most popular wicket-keepers in the world. The South African batsman-wicket keeper is playing a side of Bangalore Royals Challengers. He just has played 6 matches of seven matches.

The achievement of the Bangalore Royal Challengers is not lucrative according to the expectation. Most of the team members need to improve a lot to do well in the upcoming match of IPLT20.