September 8, 2019

Tech to Protect Challenge Coming to Chicago

CHICAGO – Sept. 5, 2019 – Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced its launch of the Tech to Protect Challenge, a national open innovation contest designed to advance public safety communications. As a national co-sponsor of the initiative, Motorola Solutions will host the regional codeathon event Sept. 27-29 at the Schaumburg campus located outside of Chicago and invites all bright minds to participate. 

The event introduces 10 unique coding contests designed to foster technology solutions to assist emergency responders in serving and protecting communities nationwide. Tech to Protect Chicago regional codeathon participants will have the opportunity to showcase their expertise and talent, expand their professional portfolios and connect with leaders across the public safety and technology communities. 

“We’re excited to give participants the opportunity to create life-saving technologies that will have a lasting impact on our community and communities across the nation,” said Ed Davalos, director of carrier solutions at Motorola Solutions. “Additionally, winning teams will be awarded from a pool of up to $2.2 million in cash prizes and will receive national recognition at the award event in April, 2020.” 

All participants who attend the Tech to Protect Chicago regional codeathon will have access to resources —including researchers, scientists and public safety experts—to learn how emergency responders will use the technology and utilize those solutions. Each participant’s solution will be evaluated by a panel of judges and reviewers to determine the winners. 

“Emergency responders, including EMS, firefighters and law enforcement, operate in uniquely challenging environments,” said Dereck Orr, division chief of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) division. “NIST is proud to be a part of this initiative and invites creative minds to collaboratively address these communication needs with innovative technology for the future.”

April 9, 2017

How to vote for WSIS Prizes 2017

1.       Please visit this link:
2.       Website for WSIS Prizes 2017 will appear.
3.       Start scrolling down from the upper right corner and you will come across a tab named VOTE.
4.       Click on VOTE.
5.       A webpage titled VOTING PHASE will appear.
6.       Start scrolling down from the upper right corner and you will come across a box titled VOTE.
7.       Click on VOTE
8.       A webpage titled VOTING FORM will appear where you will be asked for Username or email and Password.
9.       If you already have a registered account in WSIS website, then put down username or email and password for that account.
10.   If you are a new user, then you need to create an account. For that you need to scroll through the voting form to come across a line saying “Click here to register if you don’t have an account”. Click on “Click here”.
11.   A webpage titled “VOTING FORM” will appear where you will be asked to put in your desired User name, Password, Confirm password, Email.
12.   After putting in all information, click on Register at the end of the form.
13.   Then a webpage will come saying that Account has been created and that a confirmation link has been sent to your email address. After confirming your account, there is a button saying “click here”.
14.   Now minimize this window and open a blank page where you are required to check your email inbox for a mail from WSIS stocktaking.
15.   Open the email where you will find a link to confirm your account. Click on that link and you will get a message saying “Registration confirmed”.
16.   Now reopen the webpage that you had minimized earlier.  On the webpage saying “Account has been created” you are to click on the link saying “click here”.
17.   You will then be brought back to the webpage titled “VOTING FORM” where you will be asked to put in your user name or email and password with which you have registered account in WSIS webisite. After putting in information, click on “Log in”. Please be informed that any voter can register multiple accounts in WSIS website with multiple email addresses.
18.   Once you have successfully logged in to your account in WSIS website, a webpage titled “Voting Form” will come here you will find all the 18 categories of WSIS Prizes shown in separate boxes from 1 to 18.
19.   Please be aware that only one vote can be cast under each category. Once a vote is cast for any category, that category will disappear and the next category will open. Thus, you will understand that voting was successful for that category. You must vote in all categories to complete entire voting process.
20.   The projects submitted by a2i and its partners can be found in categories 1, 3, 7, and 10.
21.   Now start the voting process from category 1 “C1. THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENTS AND ALL STAKEHOLDERS IN THE PROMOTION OF ICTS FOR DEVELOPMENT (34 projects)”. Please scroll down the project list to find the project titled “a2i’s Social Media in Public Service Innovation Initiative”. Click on “Vote for this Project (1488395436)”.
22.   After clicking, category 1 will disappear and category 2 will appear. Please vote for any project that you like.
23.   After clicking, category 2 will disappear and category 3 “C3. ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE (18 projects)” will appear. Please scroll down the project list to find the project titled “DAISY-standard Accessible Reading Materials for Students with Visual and Print Disabilities”. Click on “Vote for this Project (1488362181)”. Here we would like to mention that there is another project titled “a2i’s Unique Empathy Training Toolkit” where we request for your vote by clicking on “Vote for this Project (1488394398)”. Please create as many accounts as possible with your different email addresses and vote as many times as possible.
24.   For categories 4, 5, and 6, please vote for any project that you like.
25.   For category 7 “C7. ICT APPLICATIONS: E-GOVERNMENT (52 projects)”, please scroll down the project list to find the project titled “Nothi: Less Paper Office” and click on “Vote for this Project (1488300124)”.
26.   For categories 8 and 9, please vote for any project that you like.
27.   For category 10 “C10. ICT APPLICATIONS: E-HEALTH (31 projects)”, please scroll down the project list to find the project titled “Rural Entrepreneurship Model for Telemedicine Services using locally developed PC and Smartphone-based diagnostic equipment and software” and click on “Vote for this Project (1488368294)”.
28.   For categories 11 to 18, please vote for any project that you like.
29.   Let us remind you again that only one vote can be cast under each category. Once a vote is cast for any category, that category will disappear and the next category will open. Thus, you will understand that voting was successful for that category. You must vote in all categories to complete entire voting process.

30.   After voting is successfully complete, a window will open saying “WSIS Prizes 2017 – Voting Complete”.

October 1, 2014

Jamuna Television:Investigation 360 Degree set 25th episode

Press Release: This 3rd October, Friday at 9.20 Jamuna Television’s regular aired program on crime and investigation titled Investigation 360 Degree set its 25th episode. This programme discloses various kinds of crimes, corruption, and misrules happening in the society through investigative reporting.
Various social, governmental issues highlighted in this program. On every episode various issues are investigated by the reporters of the team. The reporters of Investigation 360 Degree try to highlight and investigate various issues.
 A variety of highly sensitive camera and equipments is being used at the investigation of different Issues. In an open discussion with renowned media personalities in Bangladesh, Hanif Sanket defines that, ‘Different episode of Investigation 360 Degree reflects various social and communal crimes and crisis. Such types of investigation will shape Media participation at Society.’ Investigation 360 Degree highlighted different issues attacked into the society of Bangladesh. Crimes, drugs, pornography, hacking, swindle and many other forms of social and institutional crime crop up at Bangladesh. Dr Abdun Nur Tuser, a distinguished social activist from Bangladesh says that, different dimension of the investigation and research depth differentiates the program from others. Presentation and design of the program change the common form of other programs.
The programme has been planned and hosted by the prominent journalist Supon Ray. Through this programme viewers will get to know how the crimes occur, how to prevent it and how to get rid of it. Viewers will have access to this programme. They can ask question or inform misrules of the society through phone or e-mail number.

July 24, 2011

Acer Extensa 5235-334G32M cheap and reliable Laptop

Acer Extensa 5235-334G32M is a good quality laptop. It will be the perfect choose who are looking something a combination of reliability and performances. Acer Extensa 5235 is powered with Celeron 2.0GHz T3300 Processor and 4 GB RAM.

Acer Extensa 5235-334G32M

It has a 15.6 -inch IntelGraphics Media Accelerator (GMA) HD Graphics screen display, Operating System Windows 7, 320 Gbytes Hard Drive , CD / DVD and Web Cam. Price 349.00 including three years warranty.

source : acer

July 14, 2011

Bestway Group with European BAU Systems to construct a BAU technology

One of the pioneer real estate groups of Bangladesh, Bestway Group together
with European high-flying housing company BAU Systems Worldwide is going to
construct a building technology. A bilateral discussion between Md. Mizanur
Rahman, Chairman  & CMD of Bestway Group and David Kendrick, Chairman of BAU
Systems Worldwide has been held  today(14 July) at Banani corporate office
of  Bestway Group in this regard. In this connection  Chairman  & CMD of
Bestway Group Md. Mizanur Rahman has said, “I think the BAU systems
technology will be able to play an revolutionary role in the sustainable and
latest machinery of housing engineering in Bangladesh.”

April 1, 2011

Wahab Riaz it now highlighted bowler after semifinal against India

Wahab Riaz, the young man, Pakistan cricket has highlighted in the world cricket history after the semifinal of ICC World Cup Cricket 2011. Now, he is one of the most wanted crickets in the Pakistan team. The Pakistan selectors are giving most priority after taking up more wickets in the second semifinal against India and the back-up of the pacer Omar Gul or Shoaib Akhtar.

25 years old left-arm fast bowler was debuted in one-day international cricket in 2008 against Zimbabwe, Twenty20 against Bangladesh and in Test cricket against England at Oval in 2010.

In his ODI career, he has played 18 matches and dismissed 31 wickets. But his five wickets in Mohali in World Cup Semifinal bought his best bowling milestone on 30 March 2010.

February 24, 2011

Knockout Tickets will be sold through Lottery : World Cup Cricket 2011

The authority has decided to distribute online ticket for knockout matches through a lottery system. Earlier it was decided the tickets would be sold on line. But on Monday 50000 people thronged online to buy tickets the website to sell tickets crashed. Now an elaborate period will be given for people to put their name and necessary information for lottery. The authority has decided to sell only 1000 tickets online for the final game. Only 2 tickets will be given to each lottery winner. Lottery system for game ticket is new in the sub-continent though very common in western countries.