October 1, 2014

Jamuna Television:Investigation 360 Degree set 25th episode

Press Release: This 3rd October, Friday at 9.20 Jamuna Television’s regular aired program on crime and investigation titled Investigation 360 Degree set its 25th episode. This programme discloses various kinds of crimes, corruption, and misrules happening in the society through investigative reporting.
Various social, governmental issues highlighted in this program. On every episode various issues are investigated by the reporters of the team. The reporters of Investigation 360 Degree try to highlight and investigate various issues.
 A variety of highly sensitive camera and equipments is being used at the investigation of different Issues. In an open discussion with renowned media personalities in Bangladesh, Hanif Sanket defines that, ‘Different episode of Investigation 360 Degree reflects various social and communal crimes and crisis. Such types of investigation will shape Media participation at Society.’ Investigation 360 Degree highlighted different issues attacked into the society of Bangladesh. Crimes, drugs, pornography, hacking, swindle and many other forms of social and institutional crime crop up at Bangladesh. Dr Abdun Nur Tuser, a distinguished social activist from Bangladesh says that, different dimension of the investigation and research depth differentiates the program from others. Presentation and design of the program change the common form of other programs.
The programme has been planned and hosted by the prominent journalist Supon Ray. Through this programme viewers will get to know how the crimes occur, how to prevent it and how to get rid of it. Viewers will have access to this programme. They can ask question or inform misrules of the society through phone or e-mail number.

July 24, 2011

Acer Extensa 5235-334G32M cheap and reliable Laptop

Acer Extensa 5235-334G32M is a good quality laptop. It will be the perfect choose who are looking something a combination of reliability and performances. Acer Extensa 5235 is powered with Celeron 2.0GHz T3300 Processor and 4 GB RAM.

Acer Extensa 5235-334G32M

It has a 15.6 -inch IntelGraphics Media Accelerator (GMA) HD Graphics screen display, Operating System Windows 7, 320 Gbytes Hard Drive , CD / DVD and Web Cam. Price 349.00 including three years warranty.

source : acer

July 14, 2011

Bestway Group with European BAU Systems to construct a BAU technology

One of the pioneer real estate groups of Bangladesh, Bestway Group together
with European high-flying housing company BAU Systems Worldwide is going to
construct a building technology. A bilateral discussion between Md. Mizanur
Rahman, Chairman  & CMD of Bestway Group and David Kendrick, Chairman of BAU
Systems Worldwide has been held  today(14 July) at Banani corporate office
of  Bestway Group in this regard. In this connection  Chairman  & CMD of
Bestway Group Md. Mizanur Rahman has said, “I think the BAU systems
technology will be able to play an revolutionary role in the sustainable and
latest machinery of housing engineering in Bangladesh.”

April 1, 2011

Wahab Riaz it now highlighted bowler after semifinal against India

Wahab Riaz, the young man, Pakistan cricket has highlighted in the world cricket history after the semifinal of ICC World Cup Cricket 2011. Now, he is one of the most wanted crickets in the Pakistan team. The Pakistan selectors are giving most priority after taking up more wickets in the second semifinal against India and the back-up of the pacer Omar Gul or Shoaib Akhtar.

25 years old left-arm fast bowler was debuted in one-day international cricket in 2008 against Zimbabwe, Twenty20 against Bangladesh and in Test cricket against England at Oval in 2010.

In his ODI career, he has played 18 matches and dismissed 31 wickets. But his five wickets in Mohali in World Cup Semifinal bought his best bowling milestone on 30 March 2010.

February 24, 2011

Knockout Tickets will be sold through Lottery : World Cup Cricket 2011

The authority has decided to distribute online ticket for knockout matches through a lottery system. Earlier it was decided the tickets would be sold on line. But on Monday 50000 people thronged online to buy tickets the website Kyazoonga.com. to sell tickets crashed. Now an elaborate period will be given for people to put their name and necessary information for lottery. The authority has decided to sell only 1000 tickets online for the final game. Only 2 tickets will be given to each lottery winner. Lottery system for game ticket is new in the sub-continent though very common in western countries.

West Indies vs South Africa, Can Indies repeat History

The match between West Indies and South Africa will be held on 24th February. It will be one of the most interesting matches that to wait to see the result. It’s the opening match for them. Because, in the hands of West Indies that South Africa was to see many of their crucial moment’s defeat. Brian Lara started it 15 years ago. During that world cup tournament, South Africa won every of their group matches till they faced West Indies and was smashed in the hand of Lara by his 111 off 94 and West Indies made a score of 264 for 8.In 2003, 9th February, in the first ICC world cup match, West Indies again defeated South Africa. This time also, Brian Lara scored 116.In the ICC T20 world cup in 2007, 11th September; Chris Gayle took the responsibility to smash South Africa. He made the biggest score and the only century of T20 cricket history. He scored 117.But South Africa managed to win. In 2004, West Indies again made South Africa their victim in the semi final of the Champions Trophy. Again Chris Gayle scored 133.

But West Indies is now a different team and they also realize this .The present ICC World Cup Tournament is also a different one. Since 1996 West Indies Has played 320 matches and lost 169.Among them there are six ODI series lost to South Africa.

 So the Caribbean squad may seek inspiration from the past and see the match in the historical context. Gayle thinks they are beatable and they will beat South Africa. Whether they can repeat the history is just a matter to wait and see.

February 22, 2011

A Win against Kenya ,not All for Pakistan

Venue:Hambantota.Sri Lanka.

Match: Pakistan vs Kenya

Date: 23.02.11

Pakistan team draws focus on them more for their controversy and scandal. In some recent years Pakistan have come under discussion for such affairs as are not healthy for cricket. The mysterious death of their coach,so frequent change of captain, involving of the players in match fixing, attack on cricket players in Pakistan-all these have brought very negative discussion on them.Its not that Pakistan come with talented players.But this side of bountiful cricket talents is usually overlooked in general discussion though not by their opponents.This team is a unique team for the players are waiting to make their names and not those who sells their name.This is a team of young talents.The match fixing controversy sided some veteran cricketers from the team.So the team is now a combination of the young and experienced, of flared and pragmatic.

In the last six months they have won in three different lands .In last 19 ODI they have won in 8 and lost 10 match. But what worries experts most is that they can’t finish off close game. In the matches above, they won or lost but very closely. Also in the long bilateral ODI series they produce the same inability.

Though they won the ODI series with New Zea land and defeated Bangladesh in warm up match,the lost to England by 67 run in 2nd warm up match. Kenya is not a big challenge for them. But if they wants to bring back 1992 and become champion 2nd time they must learn how to finish well and must play rightly in right time.