May 5, 2008

Shoaib Akhtar is coming to play IPLT20

The five-year ban fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar is supposed to play IPLT20. After suspension of the bad for one month, there is no problem for Shoaib Akhtar to join IPLT20. Shoaib Akhtar has got release form the ban because of a request form Shoaib Akhtar’s Lower that he is not allow to play IPLT20 tournament that has been taken place form the middle of April. Shoaib Akhtar has been signed with bollywood super’s Kolkata Knight Riders for $ 450,000.

It is the not the first time for Shoaib Akhtar to ban for the tournament. On the T20 Championship he hit Mohammad Asif with bat during the practices time. That is why he has to back home without participating in the inaugural T20 Championship. Again violation the players rules he has been banned by the PCB for five years.

The issue further got worsened when he accused PCB chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf of demanding commission for a contract with the IPL. Dr Ashraf later sent defamation notice of Rs 200 million to the bowler. And when he (Akhtar) did not reply to the notice, Ashraf’s lawyer field a suit in civil court of Hina Muzaffar for damages of Rs 220 million. The court adjourned hearing till May 16 in the absence of Shoaib Akhtar when Dr Ashraf’s lawyer was present to plead the case.

The message is good for Kolkata Knight Riders. It seems that not only KKR but also the IPLT20 commissioner Lalit Modi is also happy for this decision of PCB.

"It's a great moment for us because he is a great asset for IPL. He has got a huge fan base in India and the Knight Riders are extremely happy. I spoke to (Knight Riders owner) Shah Rukh (Khan), he is very happy. He wanted Shoaib to come for one day at least. We are happy that Shoaib can now play for him," Modi added.

I think it is a very good decision from PCB otherwise Shoaib Akhaer could join ICL. Kolkata Knight Riders will be benefited more because Shoaib Aktar will be more potential for the team in the absence of a couple of foreign players.