May 9, 2008

IPLT20 drama around Shoaib Akter

It is a big tragedy for Shoaib Akhtar. Five years ban form International cricket will destroy his career. Just after a dramatic decision, PCB has shown flexibility for Shoaib Akhtar so that he could join IPL. It could for two vital reason; 1. After joining IPL he will not allow to join ICL. 2. They are making drama about Shoaib Akhtar. As it is a three years agreement so Shoaib is bound to stay here.

For many of us, there is no better sight in cricket than watching Shoaib steaming in to bowl, raw pace at its best and the crowds in a packed stadium behind him. The “Rawalpindi Express” crossed the 100 mile per hour speed barrier in the 2003 World Cup and there aren’t many in international cricket that quick.

I think Shoaib should change himself. For momentary excitement his career is going to destroy totally.