April 5, 2008

What is the destination of Shoaib Akter? IPL or ICL

Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar has been banned for five years. He was accused of breaking the cricket code. He was first banned at the time of the inaugural Twenty20 Championship for behave badly with his team mate. Recently, Pakistan Cricket Board has banned him again. Banning from the Pakistan cricket team, he has become uncertain at IPL. He was signed up with the team Kolkata Knight Riders.

Meanwhile, Shahrukh Khan is doing all he can to bring Shoaib Akhtar back to his team. He knew that he can hire another players but he want back him. He said that he would speak to BCCI and IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi on the matter and try to lift the ban. He is of the opinion that Shoaib should be allowed to play in the domestic cricket though he is banned from international cricket.

Shahrukh Khan is the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders. He was signed a contract with Shoaib Akhtar to play IPL on behalf Kolkata Knight Riders. As Pakistan Cricket Board has (PCB) for indiscipline, that is why IPL is going to the same rule. Now what is the decision of Shoaib Akhtar? Will he join in ICL or his career will stop here?