April 23, 2008

Australia is determine to do well in future in T20 fromat

Australian players are doing well in the Indian Premier League. Twenty20 inaugural ceremony was bad time for Australia. No one did well in the tournament. But Australian players’ performance is raising new inspirations in the field of Twenty20 format. You all know that the team has walked with the top position of both ODI and Test. Now, they are eager to take the control of the top position of the Twenty20 formatted cricket tournament.

"The Indian league will be the Premier League, and then you have the Australian league as the second league, or even the English league," Marsh said in the Daily Telegraph. "Over time players could go and play in one of these leagues and then you'll have a situation where the ICC could license each league, get a return and distribute it to each of these boards."

"We need to find this window and then find how to get a return from it for each of the boards," Marsh said. "We might find a window and it opens a door for a whole lot of these leagues."

Now, ECB is thinking to improve the capacity of the team members especially the skills of the members. So it means that Indian Premier league has improved Austral to think more.