November 13, 2010

Why Aishwarya so Popular

It’s a popular question why Aishwarya Rai is so popular in spite of her more major flops against only a few successes? Her fans and her critiques and the experts may try to answer the question differently.

It’s true that not so many of her movies have been money churners at the box office. A  popular news channel has waved that  the damsel has produced only two major in her career  namely Hum Dil Chuke Sanam and Dhoom 2. But commercial movie churning huge sum of money and great movie is not the same thing.Her latest film Action Replay also could not turn into a super hit one and may not draw much response from the audience. But Action Replay is getting international appreciation. The Indian beauty queen and great actress has obviously some charm, talent and of course, hard working attitude – all of which has made her so popular among her class as well as the mass people.

It is true that she is a beauty icon and beauty is a great quality in the cinema world But only beauty can not make one so great a star. In most of her movies in performed excellently and which mesmerized the audience.  Her worthy performance in Josh, Hum Dil Chuke Sanam, Aa Ab Laut Chale, Devdas, Guru, Umrao Jaan etc has made her one of the top rated stars.

 Though she is sometimes seen as beautiful plastic doll, Aishwarya has proved her worth. In fact her style and grace is a combination of her dedicated hard work. She is always ready to work in any trying situation, always willing to work. She has a rare talent to innovate her to any character. Ever since she has come to the flimsy world she is proving her worth and giving the implication that she is getting better with the passage of time and only time can evaluate her exactly. She has been more and more matured as a heroine in every next movie. Aishwarya’s international movies like Pink Panther 2; Mistress of Spices gave her a great new international platform to showcase her talent. All these have made her a favorite.