November 13, 2010

Icon of Aishwaria!

Yes the Bollywood queen needed an icon to play Mala the unique heroin character of Action Replay. She says that her icons were her parents- in –laws Amitabh Bachchan and Joya Bachchan.The movie was set in the 1970s.The characters, the music ,the story all were to produce–an atmosphere of the  past era of seventy .So it was very difficult to play a movie setting in so past. 

 Even Akshy Kumar stating the hero made an icon to catch the time. He modeled his looks on a character of 1970s played by late Sunil Dutt .But Aishwaria did not inject into her character any trait of any player of that time. She rather kept in her mind her parents-in-laws .She says they were great actors and did many worthy performance  that time .Avhimaan is one of the best films having their finest performance. She now lives with them and still learns a lot from them says Aishwaria. But Mala is a unique character and unlike any particular one of that time. So though she kept Amitabh and Joya in mind who started working together in that era, Aishwaria did not follow any model character of them. She confirms she enjoyed playing Mala is, in her view, clearly like no character any actor played that time.  

Ash frankly spoke about her enjoyable debate with her husband in Coffee with Karan. She is happy with her husband though Abhishek beat Ash in that round fair debate. The golden couple had to answer to some personal question about some secrets  of their affair. Marriage and family life Aiswaria says that she felt no uneasy to that personal talk as Karan is like family and those were not so personal as to be embarrassing to answer.