November 26, 2010

To win Cricket World Cup Team India Needs physically fit Players

Indian greatest all-rounder world cup winning captain commented on Team India’s preparation for world cup campaign. He said what is most important for India to win world cup on their own soil is to remain 100% physically fit. He also upheld his reason. According to him Indian team has fire power in all departments from top to bottom. But winning world cup cricket is something very special. Having fire power is not enough. He says being physically and mentally fit specially the bowling players is a must if India is aspirant of winning the cup. In his opinion the bowlers are the strongest pillar for any team. He says generally the bowlers are more prone to physical injury if they have more muscles in the upper part of the body and legs are not fit enough to carry that heavier upper part. He also expresses his dissatisfaction about too much experiment in the team .He believes that the experiment with the player should be stopped least it may lead to devastating effect on the team .He also added the selectors should have clear image of those players who will represent team India better and who are physically fittest.