November 27, 2010

Cricket World Cup 2011: Knockout Matches at Home for Hosts

India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are jointly hosting Cricket World Cup 2011. If any of the teams can qualify for knockout stages they will have to play their knockout match in their own land irrespective of where they finish in group. If two host nations draw each other up to knockout stages, the team placed higher in the pre- tournament seeding will get preference. If India draws Sri Lanka in knockout stages India will play home as they were placed bettering pre tournament seeding. Sri Lanka will play India away but Bangladesh and other teams at home. If Bangladesh goes to knockout stages drawing another host nation, they will play abroad but home if they are to play with other nation in this stage.

 This rules implies that the fate of the host teams can’t be known until the last group game on March 20. The last group game will be between India and West Indies in Chennai.

Two quarter finals will be played in Mirpur, one in Ahmedabadand the forth in Colombo. If all the host nations qualify foe quarterfinals and do not draw each other they will play simply at home.

The league stage is divided into two groups with seven teams in each. Four top teams from each group will qualify for quarterfinals. India and Bangladesh are in the same group. So they are not meeting in Knockout stages. The semi finals will be played in Mohali and Colombo. Here also the hosts will get preferences to play at home.