September 11, 2009

Seven wonders of Compaq Cup Tri Nation series 2009

There is nothing new to introduce about the Compaq Cup tri series but I have found some difference and eager to explain about it.

  1. This is the first time in sub-continent any technology company has become the title sponsor in cricket tournament.
  2. The first time the winners will be awarded with a digital trophy.
  3. Weighs of the Compaq trophy is approximately 4.8Kg, about 2 ½ in height and about 1 feet in length and have high tech LCD screen in the middle of red Q.
  4. New Zealand batsmen decorated with new stylish Pad, Gloves.
  5. The most stylish batsman will be awarded a Yamaha stylish motorcycle.
  6. All the matches are taking place at R Premadasa Stadium Colombo.
  7. Two old and experienced batsmen who were out from the team have back to squad.