September 21, 2009

India vs New Zealand practice match highlights: Champions Trophy 2009

At first, I am going to congratulate New Zealand scoring the big score and for the massive win over Indian cricket team. Wining toss, the Black Caps elected to bat first and scored 301runs by losing 9wickets. Perhaps this the highest run against Indian team. Although Indian newly form backed batsman Sachin Teddulkar did not play. Although it is not an international match but the prestigious trophy this kinds of performances will disappointed all supports.

No doubt that New Zealand has played on of the best cricket of their history from my view. Without a single century New Zealand able to cross 300 runs against Indian blowers. I think Indian fans will be dissatisfied to show good performances in the Champions trophy 2009.

Fall of New Zealand’s wickets:1-33 (McCullum), 2-93 (Ryder), 3-148 (Taylor), 4-167 (Guptill), 5-177 (Oram), 6-211 (Elliott), 7-254 (Vettori), 8-301 (Broom), 9-301 (Patel)

Fall of Indian wickets: 1-58 (Karthik), 2-70 (Dravid), 3-101 (Dhoni), 4-112 (Raina), 5-125 (Yuvraj Singh), 6-128 (Pathan), 7-130 (Kumar), 8-197 (Nayar), 9-198 (Mishra) and 10-198 (Singh)

The statistic of falling wickets Indian batting line-up is unbelievable after wining the tri series and the bowlers except YK Pathan, A Mishra and Raina offered the expensive run-rate.

Forget everything and dress with a new mood because Indian has some strong opposition in the Group A. They have to face arch rival Pakistan, top ranked Australia and stronger West Indies.

Score has taken from Cricinfo.