September 24, 2009

Alienware high-end gaming laptop with Core i7 processor

Alienware has announced a high-end 15-inch gamming laptop equipped with mobile Core i7 processor. Earlier this week Intel announced that they are going to announce the inexpressive, high-performance Core i7 series, the first Nehalem processors. They has released three powerful processors on its i7 series. It also expected to move all laptops under this series by 2010. You all know that Dells is going to buy Perot Systems Corporation, at the same time its heave weight 9 pound gamming laptop powered by M15x.

Dell’s Alienware is the most powerfull laptop that is powered with Core i7 2-GHz processor has 6MB Cache memory. Dells’ previous two laptops M17x had Core Extreme Quad QX9300 and Core2 Duo T9600.