September 23, 2009

Dell to buy Perot Systems Corporation for $3.9 billion

Perot Systems Corporation is well known in the world information technology sectors that is serving in technology area and have branch office in several countries in that world including India. The Plano, Texas based organization has been working in the field since 2004. The worldwide service provider is serving in not only on the technology sectors but also business solutions, healthcare, government, manufacturing, banking and insurance divisions. The famous technology manufactured Dell is going to buy perhaps its technology services section for $3.9 billion.

It is considered as an expensive rate and would pay $30 per share for Perot Systems and the last closing price was just $17.91. To get updates price you can visit

However, Dell's tech-services business would still be relatively small; EDS had revenue of $21 billion before HP bought it. And, IBM Corp's services revenue was $59 billion last year.
Also, Dell's services business is more basic than those of its larger competitors, and its revenue comes mainly from the hard-hit PC business. As a result Dell's profits have been slumping, down 23 percent in the second quarter.

From this quote you could understand easily the conditions of Dell’s market at this moment. The Perot Systems working area will be in ‘systems integration’ section. So, we all would have to wait till 2012 dateline. At this moment more that 23,100 employees are working in Perot Systems. Will it be difficult to sustain them in their jobs or have to fire them? The deal during the post recession period will surprise all.