May 22, 2009

Hrithik-Barbara lip-locking Kiss and bollywood rumor

Indians are very crazy for bollywood and their stars too. The relationships between starts are not new in this film industry. The people take it very serious of the sub-continent and the medial men use it as their big strategy of their business. When any rumor published in the newspapers then it felts a big buzz among them.


There could be another thing behind these kinds of rumors. The fans will eager to watch the movie and will closely observe what happen that time. I am going to explain something about the recent news about Hrithik-Barbara's lip-locking scene that makes a bid gossip in Indian media.


I am not a big fan of Hrithik Roshan but like his movies. I try to observe his works and movements what he played in it. Form my view, I found one actor who is very fair in mind and try to give the best efforts in his film. I want to use some of his movies as an example, Krrish, Jodha Abkar etc.


Today’s main rumor is about, Hrithik’s lip-locking kiss with Barbara in his upcoming film ‘Kites’ that schedule to be released in October. I want to mention another scene that was in his film Dhoom2 along with Aishwarya Rai (Aishwarya did not married Abhishekh that time). Similarly there was scene when Hrithik had to kiss Aishwarya. Before shooting this scene, Hrithik asked his wife Suzanne. Suzanne let him to do it. But this time most news is showing that this scene will make sleepless Suzanne.


Hrithik is very professional about his works in film. He is passing ten years in the bollywood film industry and has present in different role in the film. You will not get any single movie that got flopped in bollywood fans. May be, he is one only actor who will be the owner of this credit.

Source: Ibtimes