April 6, 2009

Miss India 2009: Pooja Chopra, Ekta Chowdhry and Shriya Kishore hold title

Pune girl Pooja Chopra has been title of the Miss India 2009, Ekta Chowdhry, Miss India Universe 2009 and Shriya Kishore, Miss India Earth 2009. Among them Pooja Chopra will represent India in next Miss World. In 2008, Parvathi Omanakuttan represented India in Miss World 2008 and achieved the Miss World 2008 runnerup title. 20 contestants took parts in the semifinal round. 


No doubt that beauty pageant is a big business all over the world. May be in India it is the most popular events. Even most of the India girls like to keep themselves fairness. It may have continued very ancient time because women like to show fairness for men and as alternative, men like it and that is why women like to hold beauty.