September 22, 2008

India vs Australia: What about Indian Team?

In the last few weeks, there was a controversy about the match between India vs Australian in Indian media. The storm was about which matches are most rivalry, India vs Australia or India vs Pakistan. There are different opinions for different area. Even, the little master Sachin Tendulkar also involved himself in this controversy. He told that the matches India-Australia most accepted than India-Pakistan. worte:

He also recalled the days when Indian team achieved a glorious victory over Australia in its home turf and Australian people liked the sports spirit and competitiveness of Indian team. He said that the Indian players need to be well prepared for coming series

I think there is none who does not know that India-Pakistan matches are the most anticipated matches in the cricket era. Now, question is why? There are many reasons on behalf of this. There are many fans in the subcontinent who lives India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

IndianExpress wrote:

Dubbed the "Fab Four", former captains Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar plus V S Laxman are coming under pressure ahead of a high-profile home test series against Australia starting on Oct 9.

Why these controversies arise during this time? I think Indian team is in bad position about their senior players. They are out of forms in this time so the selectors are in trouble to declare the team.