September 25, 2008

ICL Forms Cheerleading Squad 'ICL Zeebras' Led by Rakhi Sawant from Bollywood

Usually known for her item numbers, Rakhi Sawant will now be known for her cheerleading skill with 'ICL Zeebras', the new squad formed by Indian Cricket League (ICL) authorities recently. ICL recently launched India’s first indigenous cheerleading squad led by Bollywood sensation Rakhi Sawant. All the eight beautiful girls were picked up by Rakhi Sawant following the audition.

With ICL’s second season going underway from October 10, Indian Cricket League organizers are now busy with their last minute preparation. 'ICL Zeebras' will perform during ICL matches across its four venues- Gurgaon, Panchkula, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. 'ICL Zeebras' will be seen performing for the first time at the opening ceremony at Hyderabad on 10 October.

Rakhi Sawant is happy with ‘ICL Zeebras' squad and is looking forward to lead the squad during ICL tournament.

Rediff reported:

"It was after my performance at Panchkula during ICL's Season One, that I saw a huge opportunity about a possible Indian cheerleading squad. That dialogue got resumed a few months later and culminated in the formation of the ICLs Zeebras. I can't wait to don my Zeebra outfit and break into a jig every time Rohan (Gavaskar) or Raviraj (Patil) hits a six. I am sure, this will be one cheerleading squad that the country will remember for a long time to come.", added Rakhi.

This year, Indian premier league teams hired cheerleaders from America. However, the American cheerleaders created criticism with their short outfits while cheerleading during the IPL matches. Now, it will be interesting to see how Indian people will react to the performances of ICL Zeebras during ICL matches. However, we can assume that ICL authority will keep the Indian culture in mind while featuring cheerleaders to entertain the crowd.