May 1, 2008

Why Royal Challenger Bangalore is showing poor performances in IPLT20?

The days are coming hard for the Royal Challenger Bangalore. It still does not add more than 2 points in the basket. It is not honorable for Indian Test skipper Rahul Dravid. Royal Challenger Bangalore just won one match against Mumbai Indians, the fifth match of DLF IPLT20 tournament. So what is the main cause of the defeat of the team?

I think there is no hard hitter a batsman in the team. Most of them are middle orders batsmen. Even I do not see any notable blowers in the team. Only Jacques Kallis is the top all-rounder. Although Zaheer Khan is the blower of the team but he has not any eye killer performances in the T20 formatted cricket. Even he is not the regular players in Indian T20 team too.

The top order batsmen of Royal Challenger Bangalore P Kumar and W Jaffer are not regular players. Any way the middle order batsmen LRPL Taylor, JH Kallis, R Dravid and MV Boucher are looking good but in T20 formatted match it need more run in a short time. Is it possible for them?