May 5, 2008

Top 5 Most sixes hitter in an innings (IPLT20)

IPLT20 is building records after and after. 24 matches have still over. The teams, batsmen, bowlers are touching record. Now I am going to give a short article about the top 5 most sixes hitter in an innings. I have collected 6 names who hit most sixes in an innings. They are BB McCullum, AC Gilchrist, MEK Hussey, Andrew Symonds, V Sehwag, and YK Pathan. 
BB McCullum: BB McCullum is form New Zealand. He showed a great performance in the inaugural IPLT20 tournament. Still now he is the most runs holder in not IPLT20 but also T20 history. He is also the highest six hitter in an innings. During the inaugural match of IPLT20 he cashed 158 runs (not out) from 73 balls by 13 sixes and 10 fours. He was the player of Kolkata Knight Riders.
AC Gilchrist: Gilchrist is one of the greatest wicket keepers in the world. He already has taken retirement form the test match. Now he is playing IPLT20 on behalf of Deccan Chargers. He is the second highest six hitter in IPLT20 tournament. He hit 10 sixes and 9 fours and totals run cashed 109 runs. It is also the fourth individual highest runs in IPLT20. If I compare with International T20 Match it is the second highest runs too. 

MEK Hussey: MEK Hussey is one of the strong middle order batsmen in the Australian Team. In IPLT20 he is playing a strong role beside Chennai players. Like Australia team he is holding a strong position on the Chennai team as a middle order batsman. In the match against Kings XI Punjab he scored 116 runs (not out) from 54 balls. He cashed this runs from eight fours and 9 sixes. It is the third highest of hitting sixes.
A Symonds: A Symonds is in the fourth record holders in highest six hitter in the IPLT20 tournament. He is the player of Deccan Chargers in the IPLT20 tournament. In this match he scored 117 runs from 53balls. He also hit 11 fours 7 sixes in the match too. Symonds also the second highest total runs record holders among the IPLT20 players. 

V Sehwag: V Sehwag is the captain of Delhi Daredevils. He is one of the top captains in the IPLT20 tournament. The team Delhi Daredevils got all victory for his strong captaincy. In the first match of Delhi Daredevils his not out 94 runs reached the team in a strong position. He scored this runs from 41 balls and hit 10 fours and 6 sixes to cash 94 runs. For hitting 6 sixes he got the fifth position in the IPLT20 tournament.

YK Pathan: YK Pathan is one of them who has scored 61 runs from 28 balls. To score this runs has to send the ball 4 times by boundaries and 6 time over-boundaries. He is playing on behalf of Rajasthan Royals that is leaded by the foreign captain and one of the top spinners in the world Shane Warne. Rajasthan Royals is one of the team now hunt he top position of the score table now.

This is the lists of top five most six hitter in the IPLT20 tournament. The list I have made it in the middle time of the IPLT20 tournament. It will be changes after the end of the tournament. I will give a complete list on it at the end of the tournament.