May 1, 2008

IPL has increased the Relationship between the Cricketers

Australian skipper Ricky Ponting thought the Indian Premier League will increase the relationship between cricketers of both subcontinent and abroad. His comment is not less important, I think so. As an example I want to say that before inaugurate IPL no one thought that Indian-Pakistan will play in a same team that was unbelievable. Even in the last summer the rival between India-Australian was in ultimate stage. Just after 15 days Australian cricketers joined IPL without use any words. Really it is amazing.

"I had Ganguly and Ishant Sharma both in my side. We got on really, really well," he said.

"I think it's a good opportunity for some of those cultural differences or breakdowns in international cricket to be understood better."

Ponting says he is already looking forward to another stint in the IPL.

"The professionalism around the franchises and around the tournament was great," he said.

"I enjoyed and it will be good when I get a chance to go back and play some more."

He says the ICC needs to recognise the success of the Indian Premier League.

"I think they'd be silly if they didn't put it on the calendar," he said.

"There's a real danger that international players will see the glitz and glamour of this event and won't want to play international cricket anymore which I don't think would be great for the game."

All the Australian cricketers who are in international teal will have to return home before 15 May because of tours. Australia has a tour of West Indies form 22 May. They will play a three Test, five ODI and a T20 formatted match.