April 27, 2008

Kings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals: An overview on previous matches

Kings XI Punjab is comparatively a less strong team in IPLT20. It has been played three matches against Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians and just has become winner in one match against Mumbai Indians. Although it just has won one match but their batting line is so strong that can do anything miracle. If you would watch the match live in Television then you then you easily evaluate that the rivalry movement impressed all the viewers.

In the first match it scored 207 runs by losing 4 wickets and the opposite team cashed 240 runs. All the batsmen scored a stable runs in their own bags. In the second match against Rajasthan Royals, King XI Punjab score 166 runs but the opposite teams aggressive batting brought the victory. In the second match of Kings XI Punjab the two top order batsmen and two middle order batsmen’s fall brought the grip. Here I can add that slightly weak bowling lineup is the main cause of down fall of the team. The character of the Kings XI Punjab in third match was totally opposite than the previous two matches. Both line batting and bowling showed first class performances. KC Sangakkara’s batting was the turning point to cash a stable score. One the other hand the bowling was too tight for the contradictory team Mumbai Indians to dominate well.

It means that the Kings XI Punjab is improving day by day. I think the team management should analysis both the side batting and bowling. The bowling is weaker that batting side. The Mumbai Indians is so weak team that any team can beat them easily. So Kings XI Punjab should not be overconfident in this victory that it could beat any team easily except improving the bowling line-up. Source: cricinfo