February 25, 2008

BCCI denied Pakistan’s offer?

Pakistan has requested BCCI to schedule a tour in the middle of March. India is playing a Tri-Nation CB Series in Australia. After finishing the series the team will back to home at the end of the first week of March. So, how it is possible for the team? BCCI explained about the next tour that will be start form last week of March. The most important thing is that India covering a long tour without rest so they need to rest. BCCI officials are also responsible for their payers.

"The players have had a long and strenuous tour of Australia and will return only on March 8 or 9," Niranjan Shah, the board secretary told Cricinfo. "They have to assemble for the South Africa series on March 22. So it will be really tough to play three ODIs in between.”

It is clear, why Pakistan is requesting BCCI for a short tour of three ODI because Australia is not agree to make a long tour in Pakistan and if BCCI agrees then Pakistan will not have to long rest before Australia tour.

The Pakistan board, it is learnt, were confident that the tour would go ahead and had already began preparations for the three games, all scheduled for Lahore. The decision from the BCCI - taken by the office bearers today - was conveyed to the PCB chairman, Nasim Ashraf, by his Indian counterpart, Sharad Pawar.

Most important thing is that Indian payers need to rest. On the other hand Pakistan wants to utilize the rest time by playing a short tour match. Dear readers, will it be well decision if India agrees for that short tour before South Africa tour.