March 7, 2007

World Cup Cricket 2007: Bangladesh could show miracle

In the try Nation Series Bangladesh did well. So the entire Bangladesh supporter is dreaming that Bangladesh will play a good cricket in the World Cup Cricket 2007.

Businessday reported:

However, success in one-day cricket has been rare for Bangladesh, although they are beginning to mature into a reasonable squad.

Cricinfo reports that Bangladesh believe they have a realistic chance to progress beyond the first round in this World Cup.

Bashar is on record as saying that his side’s goal was to upset some of the stronger sides in their group and reach the Super Eight stages.

“Our target is the second round,” Bashar told a news conference as his side prepared to leave for the Caribbean.

“Beating Sri Lanka and India will be a tough assignment, but not impossible.”

Bangladesh will no doubt draw some confidence from wins over Sri Lanka, India and Australia since the last World Cup. In their first World Cup appearance, in 1999, Bangladesh beat Scotland and Pakistan, but failed to win a game after that.

“We went twice to the World Cup without any expectations,” Bashar said. “Now, we have beaten big teams. We are a much better and more mature side.”

Not only Basher but also all the fans also cricket consultant will observe the victory with large view.