February 22, 2011

A Win against Kenya ,not All for Pakistan

Venue:Hambantota.Sri Lanka.

Match: Pakistan vs Kenya

Date: 23.02.11

Pakistan team draws focus on them more for their controversy and scandal. In some recent years Pakistan have come under discussion for such affairs as are not healthy for cricket. The mysterious death of their coach,so frequent change of captain, involving of the players in match fixing, attack on cricket players in Pakistan-all these have brought very negative discussion on them.Its not that Pakistan come with talented players.But this side of bountiful cricket talents is usually overlooked in general discussion though not by their opponents.This team is a unique team for the players are waiting to make their names and not those who sells their name.This is a team of young talents.The match fixing controversy sided some veteran cricketers from the team.So the team is now a combination of the young and experienced, of flared and pragmatic.

In the last six months they have won in three different lands .In last 19 ODI they have won in 8 and lost 10 match. But what worries experts most is that they can’t finish off close game. In the matches above, they won or lost but very closely. Also in the long bilateral ODI series they produce the same inability.

Though they won the ODI series with New Zea land and defeated Bangladesh in warm up match,the lost to England by 67 run in 2nd warm up match. Kenya is not a big challenge for them. But if they wants to bring back 1992 and become champion 2nd time they must learn how to finish well and must play rightly in right time.