February 24, 2011

West Indies vs South Africa, Can Indies repeat History

The match between West Indies and South Africa will be held on 24th February. It will be one of the most interesting matches that to wait to see the result. It’s the opening match for them. Because, in the hands of West Indies that South Africa was to see many of their crucial moment’s defeat. Brian Lara started it 15 years ago. During that world cup tournament, South Africa won every of their group matches till they faced West Indies and was smashed in the hand of Lara by his 111 off 94 and West Indies made a score of 264 for 8.In 2003, 9th February, in the first ICC world cup match, West Indies again defeated South Africa. This time also, Brian Lara scored 116.In the ICC T20 world cup in 2007, 11th September; Chris Gayle took the responsibility to smash South Africa. He made the biggest score and the only century of T20 cricket history. He scored 117.But South Africa managed to win. In 2004, West Indies again made South Africa their victim in the semi final of the Champions Trophy. Again Chris Gayle scored 133.

But West Indies is now a different team and they also realize this .The present ICC World Cup Tournament is also a different one. Since 1996 West Indies Has played 320 matches and lost 169.Among them there are six ODI series lost to South Africa.

 So the Caribbean squad may seek inspiration from the past and see the match in the historical context. Gayle thinks they are beatable and they will beat South Africa. Whether they can repeat the history is just a matter to wait and see.