February 1, 2011

Two South African franchises didn’t get CLT20 prize money yet

Two South African franchises didn’t get  CLT20 prize money yet though 4 months have past after completion of the event on September 26, 2010.The Warriors and the Lions who will get US$ 1.5 million as their prize money.

The matter was leaked last Tuesday at the launch of the Standard Bank Pro20, when Alviro Petersen, a Champions League Twenty20 candidate, in answer to a question said that he was still waiting to fill up his wallet with the prize money.

Docrat and Dave Emslie, the two chief executives of the two franchises are not aware of the due payment as they thought the money was paid in time. Tim May, the chairman of the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations' said that CLT20 is jointly owned by the BCCI, CSA and CA and they woe a total amount of 6 million US $. He also said the participation fees also have not been paid though the rule is to pay within 20 days of the completion of the tournament.

May said the FICA has been told to pay in the last of January or in early February. As soon as the money is transferred from India CSA will notify the franchise and the money will be divided among the franchises with the biggest amount to the warriors.

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