January 29, 2011

ESPN-Star Sports-NewsX to add Magic Moments of World Cup Cricket

NewsX has come to add to the cricket fever of the cricketer through a program titled ‘World Cup – Magic Moments’ in collaboration with ESPN-Star Sports. This program will produce some of the greatest and most attractive moments of the past nine world cup matches. Magic Moments have been started in one hour episodes from 20th January and continue till 16th February at 7.00 a.m. and 11.00 p.m. As expected, some memorable moments of Indian cricket played in the last world cup tournaments and of course the great triumph of 1983 showing how a rank outsider team won the trophy under Kopil Dev’s magnificent leadership, will be there in the program. The great knocks of the Indian batsmen, bowling feats, happy and disappointing moments will be represented in the episodes concerning India.

The program will cover also some of the most enjoyable clashes between the players and teams as well as the best performance of the superstar and the emerging players, and also the blunders that cost the team a heavy price.

Source: Best Media Info