January 15, 2011

Big Bazaar is the authorized dealer of Cricket World Cup 2011

ICC has appointed Big Bazaar to sell special cricket merchandise for World Cup 2011 in India as authorized dealer.

Big Bazaar is a chain of shopping mall in India. It works on the same economic model as Wal- Mart. Big Bazaar has 29 outlets in India at present. It is owned by Pantaloon Group.

Big Bazaar will deal in cricket merchandise designed for men, women and children. This cricket merchandise will be priced from Rs 199 to Rs 499. The apparels will include sports attire and accessories like active dry tees, shorts, sports tees, track pants, sweatshirt, head bands and caps, Big Bazaar will also keep a very special type of show piece which will bear cricket-inspired messages. They will also keep a type of  toy called “Stumpy” tagged with the official mascot of the ICC WC 2011.