December 4, 2010

Fake IPL cricket star cheated girls

A fake IPL cricket star has been arrested who impersonated as Raviraj Patil, a real IPL star. He cheated many girls and their families posing as a groom.He also cheated some film starlets.

Bangalore police has arrested the cheater Somashekhar (27) from Mumby with a fake ID of Raviraj Patil . The police have found several fake ID cards with him claiming he is a senior member of KSCA and the Indian Cricket Control Board. He had different visiting cards and IDs for using on different occasions.

Somashekhar collected all possible information about Raviraj Patil from internet and begun to impersonate Patil. Being furnished with all information about Patil, the cheater approached the local dailies and managed to get feature and photo about him published posing Patil. He then advertised in a leading Cannada daily seeking bride. Many families from within and outside the state begun to cal Somashekhar . Somashekhar Visited the families with his girlfriend Susheeelamma (32), stayed with the prospective brides family .He would have sexed with the girl and then refused to marry her demanding money.

Somashekher cheated many families in this style .The victim families would not go to police for fear of scandals. But at last a cheated family of North Karnataka reported to police against Somashekher who cheated the girl and demanded 2 lakh rupees. Bangalore police arrested him on this allegation.

Somashekher also cheated some film starlets posing as the marketing head of the Karnataka State Cricket Association promising to help them getting lucrative advertisement offers.

Police arrested the accused in 2005 also on cheating charge and he was sentenced to one and a half years imprisonment He then cheated a district cricketer claiming himself as the captain of Ranji Trophy. Somashekhar took 1500 Rs from the player promising him a chance to play in the team. He also cheated a Cannada film maker with lacs of rupees promising him to make him a partner of his advertisement company.
Source: NDTV