November 5, 2010

Who stands first: Aishwaria Rai or Karina Kapoor?

The audience is eagerly waiting to see whether Aishwaria Rai Bachchan or Karina Kapoor is going to secure prime position as their major movies are to be released during this Dewali.Its true that too many people will see no scope of comparison between them. They may argue that Aishwaria is the greatest beauty icon of the present day. At the same time she is nationally and internationally recognized for her great performance in considerable number of movies. But there is still the scope as both their coming movies are light hearted ones.

In Action Replay director Vipul Amritolal Shah has cast Akshy Kumar against Aishwaria. Both the actor and actress here wear traditional old day’s costume. The songs of the movie also take the audience back to the past age. The movie has an interesting story with its setting in Mumbai.

Rohit Shethy is the director of Golmal 3. The movie is a sequel of Golmal Returns which appeared in 2008.Ajoy Devgon and Kareena Kapoor have starred the movie. Kareena is to be seen in a tomboy character and that is first time .She appears in casual wears in the movie. No designer dress, shoe or handbag she has. Ajoy plays a badass, uses abusive language and rides a bicycle around. He does dadagiri like in gang.
Action Replay is also a comedy like Golmal 3. So Aishwaria is going to face a tough competition from Kareena as the past sequels of Golmal 3 became very successful films .However time will show which film captivates the audience most and becomes box office hitting one.
Source: infocera