November 26, 2010

Piracy hampers Bollywood cinema Market in Pakistan

Pakistan is a large market for Bollywood movies. The Pakistanis cherish greatlove for the Bollywood movies. They love the and the cinematic thrill melodrama of the movies, glamour of their Bollywood heroes and heroines. But piracy plays very like a villain in Hindi cinema in Pakistan. In fact piracy is quiet rampant here. People of Pakistan like Bollywood movies for about 30 years. But the piracy is embittering their pure pleasure. One can collect the pirate copy of a movie on the same day it is released. Pirate copy never produces better quality. It is spoiling taste of cinema lovers at the same time affecting movie business. The hall owners can’t afford that. It’s true that easy availability of pirated movies make Hindi cinema more accessible to larger number of people. It harms the industry. The lower quality oh the printed CDs and DVDs is a huge price for the business.

 Nadeem Mandviwalla, the managing director of Mandviwalla Entertainment. He is the owner of Nishat and DHA cinema complexes in Lahore. He told IANS that Karachi had 36 stand alone theatres, and one multiplex with five screens, Universe Cineplex. Nadeem Mandviwalla said the theatre owners are now very much helpless. They can tackle it only by giving an "enhanced viewing experience" to film buffs. Nadeem wanted to give the Pakistani cinema-buffs complete cinematic experiences. He is building a digital cinema complex in Karachi. her is no 3D cinema in Pakistan. This month Nadeem Mandviwalla is going to introduce 3 d cinema .He is sure the audience will get an exclusive experience for the first time in the country.

In Pakistan chiefly the elite class and middle class people come to cinema halls. Nadeem and his fellow companies want to entertain them with quiet different experience .Nadeem says that pirated cinema is lessening the number of particular type of audience to halls. But, he hopes the real movie watcher will never mind bearing a little more for a better experience.

In Pakistan a cinema ticket in a multiplex costs 350 Pakistani rupees while in a stand-alone theatre it costs 250 for gallery, 150for dress circle and 70 Pakistani rupees for stall.

Pakistanis are fervent adherent to Bollywood movie world. Zahra Lotia is a student. She says to IANS correspondents that there is a deep relationship between the culture of the two countries and also the way a cinema is presented has a similarity. So she loves the sentimentality .Melodrama, glamour – every thing of Bollywood film world Shah Rukh Khan is extremely popular among the older while the young generation are fans of Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. , Karan Johar is a great and favorite film maker in their eyes.

Pakistan is a country of bloodshed, chaos and uncertainty. The Bollywood movie brings them a great relief. So says Ruquia, the owner of a beauty saloon. She says we live our life in hard way. Our love for Bollywood brings us a relief from the regular news of blood shedding and killings and panic."