November 13, 2010

Guzaarish, an act of theft, plagiarism

Guzaarish now faces new acquisition. It is being talked that the screenplay of Guzaarish has been stolen from a yet to be published novel by Dayanand Raajan. And the work has been done by the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself.

It is also being said that the film is aremake of the Spanish film The Sea Inside.This film was made in 2004 on a true story of Ramdon Sampredo who was a sailor and became a quadriplegic because of an accident. In Guzaarish. Hrithik will be seen as a magician in a wheelchair who also becomes paraplegic as a result of a magic trick going wrong.

But both the director Bansali and his lead actor Hrithik Roshan strongly refute the acquisition. Hrithik refuses the acquisition of plagiarism and says that it is just a rumor. And as people will see me in a wheelchair they, very usually draw a resemblance between me in wheelchair and other character in wheelchair.

But the new acquisition of plagiarism is not quite baseless. We will not be unfair in our acquisition as we see Bansali’s Black was inspired by The Miracle Worker, and his 'Saawariya' was partly based on a Russian short story 'White Nights’. There must have at least some resemblance to The Sea Inside.

However all this are drawing the attention of the interested people to the releasing soon movie which is supposed to be the biggest one of this year