October 29, 2010

Vivek Oberoi gets Married Today

At last Vivek Oberoi gets steady in life through marriage today. There is rumor that he involved in many love affairs since his affair with Ash and its break. By changing lovers so frequently the Bollywood star led a wanderlust life. Today he marries Priyanka Alva, a girl of Bangaluru. In this marriage, he says, he is fulfilling his parents’ choice. He also says that they are running also a love affair. Vivek Oberoi says that their love is love at first sight. He liked her very much at first time and within only twenty minutes they see, talk and fall in love with each other. He also says that their family is familiar with Alvi family. But, he demands, he saw Priyanka Alva only a few days ago. Vivek Oberoi has surprised all by giving a very special wedding card. The card is environment friendly and looks very like a jewelry box. There is two parts inside, one containing a chocolate other the inviting card.