October 7, 2010

‘Player of the Year’ 2010 goes to Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar has been awarded as the Player of the ‘Player of the Year’. According the judgment of International Cricket Council (ICC) his performances over the year brought this achievement. After receiving the award, Tendulka has appreciated most to the former South African cricket who is the responsible coach. He said, "Gary has been instrumental in making our batters play a plenty of deliveries in the practice session. During net practice, he himself bowls thousands and thousands of balls."  He also added that his (Gary) efforts for the team members including him.

Indian Master batsman expects that his team will the next be the winner of World Cup 2011.  You all know that the Cricket World cup will be hosted in the three counties from the 19 February 2011.

"It is a big tournament. It is not only my dream but of the entire country. We are working really hard for it. We still have five months to go, we will focus on tournaments before the World Cup and would like to carry the good form to the World Cup."