July 6, 2010

When did Mahendra Dhoni meet to Sakshi Singh Rawat?

With the different media, it is known to all the Indian Cricket Team skipper Dhoni has got married a 23-years-old girl. She is form Kolkata and studying in Hole Management in Aurangabad. The new couple was met two years ago. Sakshi was working in the Taj Bengal as a trainee.
Dhoni met with Sakshi in a post-party of Race movie at Bipasha’s home. Sakshi came as an invited honorable guest with John Abraham and met will Dhoni.
According his family, their fathers worked in the same working place in MECON. Dhoni and Sakshi studded in the same school, DAV Shyamali school, in Ranchi.
Both met last on July 4, 2010 at the luxurious resort in Dehradun during the engagement ceremony.  At last, their friendship tuned into love. Everything is now history after their wedding ceremony.