July 9, 2010

Spain vs Netherlands short Preview FIFA World Cup Final 2010

Spain will take on Netherlands in the FIFA World Cup football final of the final on 11 July, Sunday in Soccer City in South Africa. The one month long tournament is coming end for four years and the next organizer I Brazil. The fifth time champion and the neighboring country Argentina has been washed out in the quarter final. This year, both the team that will be appear in the final are total new. This time a new nation is going to become the tile achiever.

Although Netherlands appeared in the final twice and this is the third time, on the other hand Spain is totally new comer. So, the title holder will draw their name fist time in world cup football history. Despite appear in the final two times, Netherlands couldn’t get the chance to touch the golden trophy. This is a big opportunity to be the champions.

Then Netherlands are still unbeaten in this world cup. In the group round they earned full points. In 16 round they beat Slovakia, to Brazil in quarter finals and to Uruguay in the semi finals. Now, it is the time to beat Spain in final.

Spain was defeated to Chile in the Group qualified round. They beat the group runner up Portugal and to Paraguay in quarter final and in Semi finals they beat super speedy Germany.

The final and closing ceremony will be held at Soccer City, Johannesburg in 1210AM IST.

Howard Webb is the English man who will play the role as a chief and responsible referee in the final. It was known to all that Webb has showed a very professional movement in all game he controlled. The 38 year’s concocted three games in complete round which are Spain-Switzerland, Slovakia-Italy and Brazil-Chile.

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