July 6, 2010

Oldest man of the world: Khadem Hossain Shikder Bangladesh!

Al. Hz. Khadem Hossain Shikder lives in the district of Madaripur of Bangladesh. It is just 50 Kilometers from the capital city just opposite side of the river Padma. His age is 150 years and 4 months. The date of birth of the man is February 7, 1860 according to the National Identity Card that is given by Election Commission of Bangladesh Government.
The name of his village is Char Gobindapur Shikder Kandi, Khoyajpur UP under, sadar Thana Madaripur.

This report was published in a popular Bangla Newspaper of Bangladesh on July 6, 2010.
According to the report, the district Election Commission has informed that all the information is correct which was collected proper way.

He was studded in the house of the local Jamidar (landlord) named Gurudash Saha and can read ‘The Holy Quran’ that he leant his home tutor.

He had two wives and is the father of 11 children. At this moment he has 45 grand children. He can read without using lens or glass.

From Wikipedia, I come to know that the list of the oldest people. Jeanne Calment is the oldest woman from French who is 122 years, 164 day old. In the list of top ten person, there is only single is men, rest of them are women.