July 4, 2010

Day-night, Pink-ball Test Cricket to hold soon!

The cricket specialists are worried about the future of Test Cricket. The MCC World Cricket Committee does not want to waste time for the day-night Test Match. In a meeting was held earlier of the month July in London, the members have decided to star the pink ball cricket match. MCC committee is chaired by the Tony Lewis who is playing the leading role with the incorporation of other important test players of the world like Steve Waugh as well as Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid. Zimbabwe Cricket Andy Flower who is the respective coach of England Cricket Team presented successive dialogue which will help when MCC officials will visit his native land.

The trail Day-Nigh Test Cricket match with the pink ball was held first in Abu Dhabi between the MCC v Champion last March. It was a result of three year research that the tournament will be played using the new selected color ball.

Growing of shorten over cricket more; the cricket fans are loosing interesting on the five-day match. The cricket specialist invented a way to bring the fans back to the Test Cricket tournament and they have incorporated a plan to organize a Test Cricket Championship with new ball and formation of day-nigh.