June 8, 2010

Comment on Jabulani Ball: Tim Howard is on the list

Criticize around the ball the will be used in the FIFA World Cup 2010 is increasing. It is third man who has commented on thee balls recently. USA goalkeeper Tim Howard who plays on the side of Everton in English Premier League, has through comment on the official World Cup football Jabulani
Before him Brazilian goal keeper Julio Cesar and Spain Goalkeeper Iker Casillas also named himself in the lists.
The tone of his speech in the official website of Everton is that the complain will  ome more and more in near future.
Goal wrote:

"We are trying to get used to it, trying to read an unreadable situation. Hopefully it's not going to come back and bite us but you are going to see some crazy things with the ball.

Will the players not be shown his real performances in the upcoming football World Cup that is going to hold in South Africa? In his speech he mentioned, “It puts defenders under pressure. We’re going to have to do some work this week so that we can judge the ball better."