April 6, 2010

Bangladeshi perspective: Breastfeeding saves lives and money

I am from Bangladesh, a South Asian country. Most of the time, I usually write about cricket, football and entertainment.  Recently, I have found an interesting news that is why I eager to write about it. The new was about a study repot where they published under the title ‘Breastfeeding saves lives and money’.

Most of the people will laugh if they hear this news because they never thing that any mother will keep her baby without breastfeeding. Someone would tell that as the country is a developing country and most of the people have not ability to give their baby nutritious food. Though it is an important issue but those people who has ability they also follow it.

Anyway, I am not trying to explain that the people of this area did it with research but the STUDY which was published in the online Pediatrics Journal on Monday will help them who has negative response about breastfeeding.

Health benefits linked to breastfeeding are vastly underappreciated, said lead author Dr. Melissa Bartick, an internist and instructor at Harvard Medical School. Experts advise women to breastfeed infants exclusively for six months, but only 12 percent of mothers in U.S. do so.