April 6, 2010

Arsenal vs Barcelona: An incomplete Preview Champions League 2010

It is my pleaser that I am writing about the most important match of UEFA Champions League between Arsenal and Barcelona will meet at the play Camp Nou, Barcelona. The kick-off time is at 00:457 April 2010. This is the second leg match of the Quarter final of the UEFA Champions League 2010. The first match was a tied 2-2 goal that was held in Emirates Stadium on 31 March, last week.

Both the team was in good position in the league tournament. Arsenal has improved most when Barcelona has a strong position in the Spanish league with the power of some star players.

An assume moments were presented in the Emirates Stadium. Barcelona was on the lead in the first half by adding two goals. But after going a man down the movements were broken down totally and Camp Nou lost their well-earned lead in the first session. At the end the result come up with a 2-2 draw.