February 4, 2010

Ben Kingsley- Amitabh will be seen in Teen Patti

‘Teen Patti’ the meaning of the film is three cards in Indian language. The film is directed and written by Leena Yadav, produced by Ambika Hinduja and Written by Leena Yadav, Shiv Kumar Subramanium.

Actor and actress in the film:
Amitabh Bachchan as Venkat
And also have as  special Appearance Ajay Devgan ...as Sunny
Jackie Shroff ...as Tony Milano
Mahesh Manjrekar ...as Dagdu
Shakti Kapoor ...as Prem London
Tinnu Anand ... as Billu
Ben Kingsley as Perci Trachtenberg
R. Madhavan as Shantanu Biswas
Dhruv Ganesh as Bikram
Shraddha Kapoor as Aparna
Siddharth Kher as Sid
Vaibhav Talwar as Abbas
Saira Mohan ...as K.
Raima Sen ...

Now, I like to introduce about Ben Kingsley. He is an English actor who wins Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards, is 66 years old. He had a roll in bollywood film industry and acted in the film ‘Gandhi’, was that debutant his career that was released in 1982.  The film was produced based on Mahatma Gandhi’s life story and the film got released in the four different countries at a time; India, United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. Ben Kingsley played the lead role in that film as a Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

In the film ‘Teen Patti’, Amitabh Bachchan was seen along with Ben Kingsley in Pune and England shooting locations. In the film Madhavan is another character and he plays as a professor; “I play this professor who wants everything in life too quickly without wasting too much time. It is a completely different role for me where you will see me in six different looks,” Madhavan is quoted as saying by a news agency. The film will released on February in 2010
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