January 26, 2010

Veer to bring another success of Zarine Khan

At first Bollywoo’s new actress Zarine Khan started her career along with Salman Khan. This was a turning point for Zarine to sustain up her career. Salman Khan’s upcoming bollywood ‘Veer’ suppose to be released very soon. It expects that ‘Veer’ will bring huge success in bollywood because the story is prominent comparing with the other films of Salu. As an actress, Zarine Khan will show another good performance as in the previous film ‘Yavvraaj’ film. No doubt that Zarine Khan is one of the most beautiful actresses and is it guesses easily that she has some similarities with Katrina Kaif to look at. Katrina Kaif is standing in the top listed most popular actress and demandable actress in bollywood. It is true Zarine Khan is a beautiful girl and wants to achieve her goal with great performance.

 'Being compared to Katrina Kaif is a huge compliment for me because I feel she is very beautiful. When I am compared to her, I feel overwhelmed. I have met her couple of times and she is so beautiful that even I couldn't take my eyes off her,' Zarine told IANS. 'Being compared to her is always a delight. Personally speaking, when I see myself in the mirror, I find no similarities.'

Zarine Khan was a struggling model and she did not get any support from her family. She wished to be a doctor. Due to financial support, she has to stop to dream. The call from Mukta Artsto for the bollywood film ‘Yavvraj’ brought tile of actress. Similarly, in the firl ‘Veer’ Zarine Khan is paring along with Salman Khan.