January 17, 2010

Ronaldinho will play FIFA World Cup 2010

Just a few months ago, it hoped that Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho might not be allowed to back in the national team. You all know that he was performed well in his football career that is why he was doubtful to back for the upcoming football WC that is going to be organized by the Confederation Cup 2009 organizer South Africa. Here I have mentioned the previous tournament because there is relation with the recent good news of Ronaldinho. The Winger & Attacking midfielder was been kept out from that tournament but the people of Brazil was eagerly expected his back to the national team. The last few performances on the side of AC Milan was showed massive progress and he scored 2 goals against Juventus which brought at 3-0 wins over the arch rival football club. The progress pleased the Brazilian Coach most and brought bright future to attend the WC 2010.

ESPN reported”  
"Sometimes I even try to avoid this question because it seems that I'm trying to pressure to be summoned," he said. "But without a doubt it would be a dream to play in another World Cup. My wish is to go there and bring another trophy to the Brazilian people.
"I have adapted after a year in Italy and things are working well again. I'm happy and if I keep doing well and win titles with my club I will have more chances."

The former Barcelona footballer Ronaldinho has been voted Footballer of the Decade which was conducted by the World Soccer magazine. This is one of the biggest honour to respect his contribution for the world football. Another title is just a few yards ahead to become the Brazil's all-time top scorer but to achieve the title he would have to score 15 goals.