January 17, 2010

Everton has defeated Manchester City for 2-0 goal: EPL 2009-10

There were several games of English Premier League today. Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester city and also has a match of the fourth position holder’s Tottenham. Most of the top ranked teams got wins except Liverpool and Tottenham. In the last match of the day 16 January was between Manchester City and Everton when city is on door of serious beat. Everton scored two goals before the first half. One goal comes from the free kick just a few yards of the penalty box and the second one comes from the penalty due to foul on the D box.

One team will be lose during the game this is the really scenario. But question comes when any top quality team and the top ranked players perform badly. Those kinds of incident happen in the match between Manchester City and Everton match. City’s all players seem very weak in this match.

When I was writing this article that time the second half of the match was over and the result was finalized of 2-0 score. In the first paragraph I have mentioned how the two goals have been scored. Chelsea secured an immense victory of 7-2 on the other have Manchester United 3-0 win over Burnley.
source: Espn and Premier League website