December 18, 2009

Cherrypal Africa, $99 laptop, cheapest than OLPC

Cherrypal Launches a 7-inch Laptop for $99, ‘Cherrypal Africa’ by name.  We all (heard) know that most cheapest laptop OLPC that was sold for 100 dollars in some of the developing countries. Later, Inter’s Classmate PC also came in the cheapest laptops mainstream.  Now,  ‘Cherrypal Africa’ may be the lowest priced netbook of the world.

"At Cherrypal, we're extremely conscious of the so-called 'digital divide'," said Max Seybold, the company's founder. "We're constantly looking for ways to bridge that gap, and the Cherrypal Africa is a huge step in the right direction. Plus, everyone who has tried it has absolutely loved it!"
The Cherrypal Africa has a 7-inch screen, runs 400 MHz processor, 2GB of flash memory. you will can a Linux OS or Windows CE both operating system.
Details of Cherrypal Africa:
Display: 7-inch
Operating system: Linux or Windows CE
Processor: 400 MHz processor
Ram: 256 GB
Hard Drive:
USB: two
Price: $99.
Cherrypal Africa is a small size. So, you can carry it easily anywhere. The Cherrypal Africa is world’s first low price Laptop.

souce: Cherrypal