October 28, 2009

Tesco Bank is going to create 1,000 jobs in Newcastle

It is sure to tell that, recession makes the economic slowdown.  Many organizations of the development countries cut off their employees to maintain their expenses. Although the UK has declared that the recession has been overcome but this may be the first time any organization is going to recruit people. Tesco's banking is going to create 1000 jobs based in Newcastle.

It said it would begin hiring early next year and expected the first 500 jobs to have been created by the end of 2010. The new jobs will be in customer sales and service for Tesco Bank's home and motor insurance customers.
The UK's biggest retailer has regularly been named as a potential buyer of Northern Rock, the Newcastle-based bank which was nationalised in February 2008 after being bailed out with £26 billion worth of taxpayers' money in September 2007.

Tesco is going to recruit new employees because the organization is going to setup a customer service centre in Newcastle.