September 28, 2009

Will India be qualified for semi-finals? Champions Trophy 2009

It is a big question for Indian cricket team and their performances and all the Indian supports may be very angry the first match. Losing to the arch rival Pakistan in the first match and today’s match is do-or-die match for Australian and Indian cricket teams. It is sure that if India loses to the defending champions then they have to say goodbye from this year Mini World Cup. Host South Africa has to say see off.

India is in dangerous zone they have to win in both matches if they want to be qualified. But it would be an inauspicious dream for them instead of beating Australia. Though the tri-color has another match with West Indies, the fate is totally on today’s match or it would be a nightmare.

Indian captain MS Dhoni already has explain the situation of his team. He strongly commented on the twenty20 cricket and explained that doing well in the IPL is not good for one-day international cricket or Test match. Will this comment play any effective roll on BCCI that eager to host twenty20 cricket.

I think, financial muscled BCCI will be back to the real observation and will make attention on test cricket and limited over matches instead of the money making game Twenty20 cricket. It is sure to tell that Indian present condition is not well at all. To tell honestly that BCCI’s leadership and destructive observation could fell a long term bad effect Indian cricket.

Just after a week India will celebrate money making game and the organizer is taking hard preparation for it. When the cricket nation like England and Australian is making slogans and trying to avoid twenty20 cricket at the same time Indian full concentration on money making cricket.

Organizing IPL T20 cricket in South Africa, IPL commission is trying to show a hand to the government. But he basic loser is Indian cricket but benefit for BCCI.

Anyway, I think all the eyes if fixed at SuperSport Park, Centurion where India is going to take on Australia. This tournament will be a decision maker for India who will play in the semi-final of ICC champions Trophy 2009.