September 14, 2009

UEFA Champions league 2009-2010 would be most competitive

The first Group stage of the UEFA Champions league 2009-2010 is going to star form 15 September. Thirty two Football clubs of Europe will play two matches (home and away) by dividing eight groups and in each group four clubs will participate. From English Premier League four clubs Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool has qualified directly but Arsenal had play a play-off matches with Scottish football club. The fours all time used to qualify for the champions league mach as usual.

Most probably, Spanish giant Real Madrid has make a big appeal before the season for a huge transferring deal with the players. It has brought Portuguese hero Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian midfielder Kak√° with a record number of transfer rate ever. Most time La Liga has targeted to make its wining table bigger. It has a record of most time uefa champions league winners. Beating English Premier League champion Barcelona titles the champions of the year 2008-2009.

In spite of being popular, La Liga is not familiar to the people over the world. For this the language is the main cause of it. Only when they play in the champions’ league they got most publicity in English language (this is totally my personal opinion). Again I am going back to the English premier league’s top four football club. They all have started well in the new campaign of the year 09-10. Only Liverpool’s two defeats earlier this season depressed the fans. But the last three wins may be inspiring them to do well in the uefa champions league.